Nutella Hot Chocolate



My throat was sore last night, and all I really wanted was a comforting mug of hot chocolate. I was bummed to see we were out of both hot chocolate mix, and cocoa, so I couldn’t even make any from scratch. We did, however, have a big fat jar of my favorite chocolate hazelnut spread. I wondered if I stirred it into hot milk if something resembling hot chocolate could be created. It could indeed. Decadent, rich, satisfying, this hot chocolate might just be the best I’ve ever had. Give it a try next time you have a sore throat, or just whenever! Bonus? Kids love it! (At least mine did).


8 oz milk

2+ heaping tbsp. Nutella

1 tsp. sugar


Heat milk, about 2 minutes in microwave. You want it to be hot enough to melt the Nutella. Be careful!

Stir in the sugar, and the Nutella. Start with 2 tbsp, and stir until disolved. If you like it sweeter ::cough:: like me, go ahead and add a bit more.


Tweak it :

-Add a tsp of vanilla extract

-Top with whipped cream and crushed hazelnuts

-Serve blended with ice for a cool treat


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