Garlic Coconut Milk Stewed Black Beans


Thanks to a recent trip to Costco, I have a plethora of canned black beans and coconut milk in the cupboard. Last night we had grilled fish burgers, French fries with banana ketchup, and green beans. Despite the sides already planned I wanted to attempt a new black bean dish to use up some of those cans. It turned out great, and was even better cold this afternoon!


Olive oil

2 jumbo large garlic cloves

1 can coconut milk

2 cans of black beans, drained and rinsed

Salt, Sriracha to taste

Fresh lime juice

First heat about a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan or small pot on medium high heat. Finely mince garlic and add to hot oil, taking care not to burn it. Stir well, and add the coconut milk. It may bubble up, turn down heat to med low and simmer milk and garlic so it is bubbly, and reduces down about 20 minutes.

Add both cans of prepared beans, a pinch of salt and some Sriracha sauce. You could do black pepper to tase instead. I used about a tbsp of hot sauce.

Simmer on low, stirring often, for another 20 minutes. The sauce will thicken and get darker and darker.

When done, add a squeeze of lime. Best served at room temperature. Enjoy!

Tweak it:

-Top with grilled chicken and avocado

-Serve in flour tortillas with lettuce, ssour cream and diced tomatoes.

-Serve with coconut rice and shrimp





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