Hello there!



Are you hungry? If you’re anything like me you spend an awful lot of your time thinking about food. Sometimes I daydream about my next meal while I’m eating. Some mornings I wake with a little extra bounce in my step, just thinking about breakfast. I don’t love all food, but the food I DO love? It ranks pretty high up there in my list of priorities.

I’m a semi-vegetarian, as the title states. I will do some recipes that include the meats/seafood I do eat. Other posts will simply be vegetarian. And with most recipes I will include a suggestion for how to incorporate meat. I do live with 3 meat-eaters, after all!

I am a mom to 3 kids, and the wife of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Some meals it is difficult to make everyone happy. And that’s ok. I try my best to make delicious food. And the successes are what I will share with you.

As for the details, I’ll be including decadent desserts, French pastries, gooey cheesy goodness, comfort food, and healthy options. I like all kinds of food, so all kinds will be included!

So, pull up a chair. Stay awhile. And thank you for being here as I get started.



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